Micro Analytics works

What we do first

It is important that you learn how MicroAnalytics works and what is the flow behind it.

We always start a project by assessing the current situation. This is done with an account audit. Such a process means going through the Analytics account, evaluating the user experience on your website or platform and then analyze your paid media accounts from the tracking perspective.

Once the audit is complete, we sit together and discuss your business objectives and targeted KPIs, as well as desired timelines.

You will be assigned an Account Project Manager that will help you prioritize your projects depending on your goals.

how MicroAnalytics works

What we need from you

Besides access to your data sources, like Analytics account, CRM platform, paid media accounts (Google Adwords, Facebook Ad Accounts, Double Click, RTB accounts, etc), you should share your story. There is nobody else that knows your business, your industry and your customers better than yourself.

You tell us about your business model and flows and together we will identify your strengths & weaknesses.

how MicroAnalytics works

Expected time frame

The first step is the audit which, depending on the complexity and size of your business and tracking system, can last up to one month.

Subsequently we agree together on a list of priorities. Then we split the projects on short term, medium and long term.

Urgencies will be approached first, followed closely by medium and long term assignments. We are always looking into the best and fastest ways to solve the problems. Therefore a long term project will be handled and resolved in up to three months.