Data Tracking and Data Management

Customized data tracking and management for websites and mobile apps

MicroAnalytics helps extract data from digital apps, transform it accordingly with the business needs and load it to client data warehouse.

We has web analytics experts who can assist you with tracking implementation. We will set up, customize and use your analytics data to meet your business goals.

Together we will be able to track users’ activity on all your properties. This includes website, mobile website or mobile application. Also, we can segment information in such manner that you can customize your marketing projects and address them to a specific target.

tag management

Attribution modeling

Attribution modelling allows you to attribute value to all the factors that contribute to a conversion.

MicroAnalytics can help you analyze the buying behavior of your website visitors. Thus we will determine the most effective marketing channels for investment, by creating the most accurate and actionable attribution models.

tag management

Tag management

Tags are an essential part of digital marketing. They track what visitors do on your websites. Understanding how your website is performing is a critical step in taking your digital marketing to the next level.

Implementing a Tag Management System has many benefits, including:

– Ability to add, edit and delete tags much faster. This is done without involving the IT department in making source code changes to the site.

– Ensure data quality, and be able to trust all the data coming in.

– Faster performance. Replacing all individual tags on your website with a single line of code dramatically lowers page load times. With Tag Management System tags are triggered only when needed, eliminating unnecessary code deployment.

Our team has worked on various custom data layer creation and a multitude of tags. Thus MicroAnalytics can help you audit your existing cards. We will help you understand how data is being collected and identify your future requirements. Also, we ensure that you are receiving the information you need in the best possible way.

marketing automation

Marketing automation

Following the successful testing of various marketing actions, the next step is to implement these actions in the most time and resource efficient way.

One very good solution for this type of repetitive marketing action is the marketing automation. Therefore all the desired actions will happen automatically, following certain steps and triggers that you set initially.

This can be done with the help of software platforms and technologies They are linked and integrated with your marketing platforms. This will automate tasks like emails, social media actions, push notifications, text messages etc.

Microanalytics will help you define the marketing actions that will be more efficient if automated. Also,we will help implement the marketing automation processes on the desired platforms and properties.

marketing automation


Data Segmentation is a must when analyzing your results, as well as in planning for future actions.
Data Segmentation will allow you to identify and categorize sets of data that share one or several common features. You can group your data around a certain characteristic, like location, device used, gender, customer type or a certain behavior, like the number of visited pages, if they converted or not, of they clicked a button or not, etc.

Because not all users are the same, segmenting your data will help you address specific messages to specific groups of users, making your marketing efforts far more relevant.
MicroAnalytics can help you create data segments for your audience, using the Google Analytics platform. It can also help you build highly customized segments, using other specific tools.