Data Analytics Audit

Data analytics audits ensure the accuracy and relevance of your digital analytics data. Having an accurate analytics tracking is crucial to understanding your marketing impact.

What’s covered in this Audit:

  • Tracking code implementation.
  • Filters check.
  • Setting goals and e-commerce
  • Configuration of all GA elements.
  • Data integrity issues.
  • Measurements and tagging.
  • Conversion tracking.
  • Account linking

The resulting audit document will deliver a complete set of recommendations. These will help you be confident that your data is clean. Also, you will know that you are accurately tracking online advertising against your business objectives.

usability audits

Customer Journey Mapping

Data alone cannot tell you the full story of of how users interact with your service. The customer Journey Map is a service design audit that allows you to visualize, from the customers perspective, the most frequent paths they take from discovering a need to meeting it using your offerings. It describes how users feel through the experience. Also it tells what specific needs and questions they have along the way and what touch-points they are using and when. It highlights their biggest pain-points and your opportunities to improve their experience.

It is done by combining analytics data with qualitative user research. We combine methods such as customer interviews, customer journals and direct observation with interviews and workshops with your staff. This way we manage to deliver a holistic view of the customer interaction with your service

media audits

Media Auditing & Benchmarking

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