Independent marketing analytics to empower professionals.

We transform enterprise-level data into knowledge that drives accurate business actions.

We direct growth through analytics backed up by statistics.

With agnostic attribution models that reveal objective truths behind data.

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What sets us apart

Media Analytics
Media Analytics
With statistics at the core, we have developed an agnostic attribution model that helps companies determine their most efficient media investments with a higher degree of accuracy
Customer Analytics
Customer Analytics
With onboarding analytics, customer scoring and data sync, we are able to offer a very precise overview of customer actions inside all digital properties
Data Visualization
Data Visualization
We transform high volumes and diverse types of data into visual designs that make information actionable and extremely easy to understand


Data audit

We identify tracking issues for all digital objects : website, mobile app
We create a test environment for accurate data verification
We test and compare the data
We eventually deliver a complete set of recommendations that will help you create, track and better manage your data

Clients: Hochland, Molson Coors.

Digital media audit

We create custom KPIs that help businesses better evaluate media investments. We offer support in the process of digital campaigns implementation and we make sure the media buying process is transparent and fair.

Clients: Molson Coors, Hochland.

Customer analytics

Onboarding analytics. Dedicated to new accounts analysis, ideally suited for companies that follow a growth strategy. The analysis scores the actions that hold the user back from creating an account, it highlights the actions a new user performs on the platform and reveals what makes a user come back to the platform.

Customer scoring. A type of client segmentation based on the actions performed on the platform, with a score attributed to the specific type of interaction with the platform.

Data sync. We synchronize actions performed on the platform by potential clients with “call to action” messages, through: email marketing, push notifications, SMS, media, A/B testing.

Clients: Orange, AVON.

App analytics

We are able to track user activity on all active devices: website, mobile website or mobile app(s). We then segment information so you can customize all marketing strategies and address them to a specific group of people. Our analytics experts will be there to help you go through all tracking implementation processes.

Clients: Orange, ING, Verifone, Vodafone.



Push Notification Platform

A fully functional online application where admins can configure, test, target and send push messages for their clients.

Push Notification Platform

E-mail Sending Platform

A fully functional online application where admins can configure, test, target and send emails to their clients.

E-mail Sending Platform

Price Compare Extension

A Chrome Extension that when installed compares prices and sends notifications when your price or offer is better than the one visualized by the user.

Price Compare Extension

About us

We make data relevant and technology convenient

The digital world has helped us grow over the past 15 years and develop skills we didn’t know about at the beginning of our careers. Because they were not defined back in the times. Thanks to our hands-on experience around data analytics, media strategy, audit and digital marketing, we have created a work ethic that is based on knowledge, transparency and standards we are able to create ourselves. We believe data is not just about numbers, it is a living fabric that shapes entire stories about progress, businesses and ultimately, people. Ideas and actions are hidden behind data. We are simply becoming more skilled to observe and reveal them.

Our team

Tiberiu Baga
Senior Analytics Developer
Persida Roata
Digital Account Manager
Claudiu Murariu
Analytics Evangelist
Irina Iordan
Digital Account Manager
Silviu Toma
Analytics Strategy
Adriana Iordan
Business Adviser
Adrian Buzatu
Analytics Developer

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